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Junior Academy U9 – U10 (ages 8-9)

About Junior Academy 

GIFC Junior Academy is designed to introduce young players to the fundamentals of the game rooted around fun, while incorporating methods on how to train and how to read the game. At this age, an emphasis is placed on skill development with a games-based approach. This is a 10 month program that we offer both in the Fall and Spring.


The main focus of our Junior Academy is to provide a fun, competitive and challenging environment that will develop the player's technical and tactical skills, love for the game and most of all prepare them for the next level of competitive soccer.


 2 training sessions per week, 75 minute training
Training will focus on 

  • Technical Priority- Overall Individual Ball Mastery (Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, and Shooting), Skill Development (Coordination & Movement)​

  • Tactical PriorityIndividual Skill Development and Team Development, Individual Confidence Building (1v1) Attacker/Defender, Combination Play.



 Most of our games will be played on Saturday mornings, at a variety of locations up to one hour drive away

  • Parents are responsible to get players to the game on time.

  • Players should be ready to warm up 30 mins before each game.

Playing Time Expectations:

  • Playing time is developmentally appropriate; players will play 50% of games 

  • More than 50% is earned.


Gameplay Methods:

  • 7v7 (including GK)

  • Build-out-line to promote playing from the back, and working through the thirds, with each player receiving more touches, and more chances for decision making.

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